Announcement of Ges Network on Upgrade and Structure

Dear Ges Users,

As discussed and decided by the Ges management team, Ges Network is going to implement a comprehensive upgrade of its structure, brand, and strategy. As the first step of the upgrade, the Ges Network Version 2 has been officially established.

Version 2 is going to have many unseen features, which will not be seen anywhere soon. Those features help us unify the unrivaled experience of our members and increase the growing performance of the network. Below is a summary of the forthcoming update for the entire Ges Network  platform; the announcement also is an inclusive report for the process of completing our project.

Ges Network consists of three business groups, namely Ges Staking, Ges Sharing, and the Ges Savings. As the CEO of Ges Global, Adam Lim will oversee the global strategy of Ges Network, and put more effort into exploring the boundaries of blockchain technology with Ges Network, a public chain powered by Ges Global.

We will from time to time launch staking programs for Ges Network to establish our public blockchain network. This will be the infrastructure layer to support all the decentralized products and services within Ges Global. In GES Staking, we allow tokenholders to early take part in the constitution of GES Blockchain layer; in turn, participants have the right to earn rewards for validating transactions. Version 2 would deliver a more comprehensive interface, detail of rewards, releasing time, and integration of Saving – Sharing.

Moreover, additional features such as Network would also be included in the new version of Ges Network. Through tireless analysis on experience optimization, our development team found out that users have the intention to invite their friends, relatives, and acquaintances to adopt new technology. However, most of the platforms lack dedicated referrals monitoring systems, which better assists token holders in tracking their effort and bonus reward. Ges Network takes this shortcoming as an enhanced innovation to improve the efficiency for our members.

To go further into the completion of our Network, we open the deposit and withdrawal gateway. Two of the functions are integrated into the Wallet section, which allows tokenholders to deposit token for additional staking programs or withdraw their bonus and reward from validating blocks in our transactions.

Too much information may cause loss of control in the whole system; accordingly, we aggregate all the impressive features into Dashboard. Dashboard sector is the center of management for the facility of all Ges Network sectors with a professional concept.

Version 2 will become a revolutionary transformation of the experience and utility of Ges Network. Yet the technology is always changing and the similar happening to Ges Network; the development team has planned two new innovative products, Ges Saving and Ges Sharing for the members of our project. Saving and Sharing is being perfected and carefully optimized to bring an error-free experience to end-users. 

Foster Ges Network, Foster Innovation.

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