How GES Global will transform under Stockbox Capital

With a robust financial power and understanding of the cryptocurrency market, Stockbox Capital will not take much time to perfect the GES Global ecosystem. The quick deal between Stockbox Capital and GES Global has been breaking news in the crypto community in the past few days.

In the announcement published on September 21, the representatives of GES Global announced the minutes of the agreement signed between the two companies. According to the deal, Stockbox Capital has invested a huge amount of money and became a Co-Founder “in charge of the operation, administration and organization of media/marketing events “.

The most exciting DeFi project of 2020

Since its announcement in … / …, GES Global has been rated by industry experts as one of the most interesting decentralized finance (DeFi) projects in 2020, alongside yEarn Finance or Uniswap. Within… months, the GES Global development team worked hard to create a liquidity service prior to listing GES Token on exchanges.

Although it’s not a pioneering DeFi project, GES Global still shows a long-term vision through its product development strategy. From the beginning, the company focused on payment gateway, peer-to-peer lending services (P2P Lending), decentralized exchange (DEX), and e-commerce platform.

In particular, GES Global’s peer-to-peer lending service is the first platform in the world that allows people to access loans quickly without collateral.

Based on the data provided by the user, the AI ​​system will score the credit (eKYC) and recommend the appropriate loan. Besides, it still inherits the core elements of decentralized financial products in terms of low cost because of the removal of intermediaries, the profits will be multiple times higher than sending money to banks, more transparency and security.

Unlike traditional financial services, investors are free to decide the interest rate. GES Global is committed to “not keeping any of the client’s assets”. Instead, lenders transfer money directly to borrowers through strict terms and smart contracts (Smart Contract).

Furthermore, the project is also led by a group of Co-Founder dedicated to the DeFi model with the ideal of building a chain of democratic financial solutions. “We want to maximize the idea of ​​decentralization in all processes, towards complete decentralization. This is very important because even with the presence of an intermediary, users can still face risks when trading”, a representative of GES Global said at Vietnam Blockchain Community at the end of August.

A New look of GES Global

Despite being considered as a potential project, GES Global still can’t avoid difficulties due to lack of manpower, a common problem of most startups. With the ambition to become a “crypto bank” in the future, it makes sense for the company to seek support from a reliable investor like Stockbox Capital.

Stockbox Capital is the force behind the success of many blockchain projects such as Jetcoin, Bhex, Latoken or Blockon. The company also has a long time acting as a media advisor and supporter for GES Global since the beginning of the third quarter of 2020. With its well established reputation in the cryptocurrency market, Stockbox Capital’s willingness to spend money to acquire GES Global is the clearest evidence that the project’s worth.

Analysts said that the recent deal is a positive sign, opening up opportunities for GES Global to reach global users. Stockbox Capital has many years of experience in promotion and cryptocurrency development. The company also owns an extensive network in many countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and South Korea.

” The new move of Stockbox will determine the change of the current management system, heading towards globalization and better growth for the GES Global ecosystem”, said Adam Lim, the new CEO of GES Global.

On the other hand, Stockbox Capital affirmed that its goal of developing decentralized financial products will not change as DeFi becomes the trend of this year. With the relationship coming from crypto investment funds around the world, it will not take much time for the company to perfect the product and expand the ecosystem.

If everything goes according to plan, the number of GES Token holders by 2021 will certainly not stop at 3 million as originally intended by the founding team.

About Adam Lim, CEO of GES Global

1998-2000: Real estate agent.
2001-2004: Employee with the highest revenue in the anti-aging cosmetics, on Malaysia’s first e-commerce platform.
2006-2008: The highest revenue employee in the anti-aging stem cell cosmetics, in Malaysia and Indonesia.
2009-2012: Employee with the highest revenue for online advertising agency Ads4bucks in Malaysia and Indonesia.
2013-2015: Investing in several decentralized financial companies (DeFi) and foreign exchange (Forex) trading in the UK, China, UAE and Thailand.
2016-2020: Founded Stockbox Capital and working as CEO to support Southeast Asian startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, including support in building decentralized exchanges and listing cryptocurrencies for global transactions.
2020: Become CEO of GES Global after completing a multi-million dollar acquisition.