Stockbox Capital acquires GES Global

The deal with Stockbox Capital is a leverage helping GES Global’s services reach a large number of users in many Asian countries.

According to GES Global, the two companies have just signed a memorandum of understanding earlier this week. Before that, Stockbox Capital and GES Global had spent a long time working together to promote the applicability of blockchain technology and decentralized financial products (DeFi) since the beginning of the third quarter of 2020.

After evaluating the potential of the project, as well as realizing the passion of the GES Global development team, Stockbox Capital decided to invest in GES Global and became Co-Founder, in charge of the operation, administration and organization of media/marketing events. Although both refused to disclose detailed information of the deal, according to some industry experts, the investment fee of Stockbox Capital is no less than … million USD.

GES Global is one of the first DeFi projects in Southeast Asia. So far, the company has built close relationships with many partners in the blockchain and financial banking fields to expand their ecosystem.

In an interview with Vietnam Blockchain Community late last month, the representative of GES Global announced that he was working with a number of Southeast Asian startups to launch a peer-to-peer lending service P2P Lending), a decentralized exchange ( DEX) and an e-commerce platform by the end of 2020. The company also aims to reach 3 million users when exploiting the decentralization in financial markets in five countries, including Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Having the support from Stockbox Capital promises to open up a bright future for GES Global, and at the same time accelerate the globalization of the project. Immediately after the two parties agreed to the terms of cooperation, Adam Lin was appointed to be the CEO of GES Global. This is a move to verify that Stockbox Capital is holding the right to operate and actively develop in the international market.

“The new move of Stockbox will determine the change of the current management system, heading towards globalization and better growth for the GES Global ecosystem,” said Adam Lim, the new CEO of GES Global.

Stockbox Capital has long established a reputation in the Asian crypto communities. The company is known through a series of successful blockchain projects, including Jetcoin, Bhex, Latoken, Blockon … Earlier this year, Stockbox Capital announced a five-year vision for decentralized financial products at ASEAN DeFi 2025 in the Philippines. The event has attracted the attention of many leading investors and experts in the financial industry.

About Adam Lim, CEO of GES Global

1998-2000: Real estate agent.
2001-2004: Employee with the highest revenue in the anti-aging cosmetics, on Malaysia’s first e-commerce platform.
2006-2008: The highest revenue employee in the anti-aging stem cell cosmetics, in Malaysia and Indonesia.
2009-2012: Employee with the highest revenue for online advertising agency Ads4bucks in Malaysia and Indonesia.
2013-2015: Investing in several decentralized financial companies (DeFi) and foreign exchange (Forex) trading in the UK, China, UAE and Thailand.
2016-2020: Founded Stockbox Capital and working as CEO to support Southeast Asian startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, including support in building decentralized exchanges and listing cryptocurrencies for global transactions.
2020: Become CEO of GES Global after completing a multi-million dollar acquisition.